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I'm Shawn Lassiter. Candidate for U.S. Congress in TX-06.

I'm a community leader, a single mom, and a former science teacher running to represent North Texas in Congress. I understand the challenges facing Texas families, because I've lived them too. Join me, and let's put people first.


About Shawn

Shawn Lassiter is a non-profit leader, a lifelong educator, a single mom, and a former science teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. As a first-generation college graduate, Shawn Lassiter understands the power of education to liberate people and open doors of opportunity.

That's why Shawn has dedicated her life to advocating for policies that ensure children and working families have the opportunity they need to learn, live, and thrive in strong communities.


In Congress, I'll fight for the people. I'll take on the hard issues and ensure our nation's policies are rooted in equity and innovation. And we'll do it together. - Shawn


An Economy That Works for Working Families

The economy is stacked against working families and Shawn believes we have a responsibility to reimagine our economy so that hard work is truly rewarded.

Leadership and Accountability

While the career politicians in Washington are hard at work for their wealthy donors, they can rest easy when a crisis hits Texas. Shawn has dedicated her life to building opportunities for Texas families, and in Congress she'll fight for us.

Building Back from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shawn will fight to deliver another round of stimulus checks, keep the moratorium on evictions, and invest in vaccine distribution to ensure every single American gets the vaccine as fast as possible.


Healthcare as a Human Right

Shawn knows that no family should ever have to choose between paying the bills or seeing the doctor - because she watched her parents make that impossible choice.

Strong, Equitable Public Schools

Shawn's life is a testament to the power and promise of public schools. Growing up in deep poverty, public schools allowed Shawn to become the first in her family to graduate from college.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Shawn will stand with our immigrant communities and fight for comprehensive immigration reform that centers dignity, prosperity, and safety.

Strong Education With Equal Opportunities

Shawn Lassiter strictly believes in the power of education and approves of the huge impact of qualified education on our future welfare. That's why the equal opportunity to learn and the quality of education must become the first step on the way of life quality improvement.

Income Growth of the Working Residents

Shawn stands for fair rewards for hard-working people and calls for rethinking the economy to make it work for working families first, rather than just favoring the wealthy.

Prosperity for the Immigrant Community

We need to create more non-profit organizations to support immigrants and provide them with all the information and services to help them on their way to financial stability.

Financial Assistance for Any Types of Credit

People with low incomes are more likely to find themselves in debt, eventually affecting their credit scores. It also creates situations in which people with bad credit have no opportunity to ask for financial assistance when they face some difficulties and need money to cover their unexpected expenses.