To Put People First: New Financial Initiatives of Shawn Lassiter

As a single mom and a former science teacher, Shawn Lassiter knows exactly the needs and problems ordinary families face daily in North Texas. As she dedicated her life to advocating the interests of children and working families, her new initiatives raise the issues of financial legacy and assistance in achieving equal opportunities for all Americans. Let’s put people first together.

Strong Education With Equal Opportunities

Shawn Lassiter strictly believes in the power of education and approves of the huge impact of qualified education on our future welfare. That’s why the equal opportunity to learn and the quality of education must become the first step on the way of life quality improvement. It requires increased funding in the sphere of education, including professional treatments and equipment for schools.

Income Growth of the Working Residents

Shawn stands for fair rewards for hard-working people and calls for rethinking the economy to make it work for working families first, rather than just favoring the wealthy. It requires providing workers with competitive, livable wages and creating a favorable working environment for residents of North Texas.

Prosperity for the Immigrant Community

We need to create more non-profit organizations to support immigrants and provide them with all the information and services to help them on their way to financial stability. First of all, Shawn believes that it is necessary to create more fair jobs for immigrants and provide them with decent wages.

Financial Assistance for Any Types of Credit

People with low incomes are more likely to find themselves in debt, eventually affecting their credit scores. It also creates situations in which people with bad credit have no opportunity to ask for financial assistance when they face some difficulties and need money to cover their unexpected expenses. Shawn’s new initiative, in partnership with lending companies, advocates helping low-income families get fast cash loans with any type of credit history.