In Congress, I'll fight for the people. I'll take on the hard issues and ensure our nation's policies are rooted in equity and innovation. And we'll do it together.

- Shawn

Making The Economy Work for Working Families


The economy is stacked against working families and favors the wealthy and well-connected. As our nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Shawn believes we have a responsibility to reimagine our economy so that hard work is truly rewarded. That's why Shawn supports efforts to spur growth and raise wages for working families.


Leadership and Accountability


When the lights went out, the heat turned off, and the water mains broke, Texans needed leaders to fight for working people. But while the career politicians in Washington are hard at work for their wealthy donors, they can rest easy when a crisis hits our community, even take a vacation, because they know the corporate special interests will continue to bankroll their careers.

Shawn is different. She has dedicated her life to building opportunities for working Texas families, and in Congress, she'll fight for us, not the corporate special interests. That's why Shawn isn't accepting a penny from corporate PACs during her campaign.


Building Back from the COVID-19 Pandemic


Texans are suffering, and Shawn believes that our government needs to step up to this unprecedented crisis. In Congress, she'll fight to deliver another round of stimulus checks, keep the moratorium on evictions, and invest in vaccine distribution to ensure every single American gets the vaccine as fast as possible.

Healthcare as a Human Right


Shawn knows that no family should ever have to choose between paying the bills or seeing the doctor - because she watched her parents make that impossible choice. Shawn will fight to build a more equitable healthcare system where everyone can get great healthcare by strengthening Medicare and defending protections for pre-existing conditions. She'll fight to make health care work for regular people, not the health insurance and drug companies.


Strong, Equitable Public Schools


Shawn's life is a testament to the power and promise of public schools. Growing up in deep poverty, public schools allowed Shawn to become the first in her family to graduate from college. That's why Shawn became a Fort Worth ISD school teacher and administrator, to ensure every North Texas student can access the opportunities that allowed her to thrive.

In Congress, fighting for public education will be Shawn's first priority. Shawn will work to fully fund our K-12 schools and oppose corporate-backed attacks against our public education system


Comprehensive Immigration Reform


The diversity of TX-6 is first-hand evidence that immigrants are essential to our communities. Shawn will stand with our immigrant communities and fight for comprehensive immigration reform that centers dignity, prosperity, and safety. She'll stand up for DREAMers, fight for a pathway to citizenship, and work to reunite children with their families.

Tackling the Climate Crisis


As a former high school science teacher, Shawn knows that climate change is real and we need to step up and address the crisis before it's too late. And growing up in a community right next to a paper mill, Shawn has experienced environmental injustice first-hand. In Congress, Shawn will fight for a historic investment in renewable energy to create green jobs and ensure every Texan has access to clean air and clean water.


Equal Rights for Women


Shawn supports a woman's right to access reproductive health care, and she'll fight to protect that right in Congress. Shawn knows that attacks on access to birth control and other women's healthcare disproportionately affects women of color here in Texas. That's why she'll also fight to reduce the maternal mortality rate for women of color and will work to pass legislation ensuring equal pay for equal work.