About Shawn


Shawn Lassiter is a non-profit leader, a lifelong educator, a single mom, and a former science teacher. As a first-generation college graduate, Shawn Lassiter understands the power of education to liberate people and open doors of opportunity.

That's why Shawn has dedicated her life to advocating for policies that ensure children and working families have the opportunity they need to learn, live, and thrive in strong communities.

Shawn knows the sting of poverty. She learned about hard work, responsibility, and public service from her mother. Shawn grew up in a family of five, raised by a single mom who only earned $14,000 per year as a special education aide. That's how Shawn knows the resilience of working families, the folks like her mom who will do whatever is necessary to provide for their children. This was over 20 years ago, and those same struggles exist today for far too many families in North Texas, the place that we call home.

As a public school teacher and administrator in Fort Worth, Shawn saw how a lack of funding drained hope and opportunity from our public education system. Shawn also knows the fragility that so many Texans are experiencing, with families enduring a pandemic and an economy that fundamentally does not work for working people.

We are all living through a historically unprecedented pandemic. Now more than ever, we must elevate the experiences and concerns of working families who are unemployed or underemployed; children and educators struggling to adjust school during the pandemic; small business owners, equitable healthcare services; and insecure housing and transportation.

As a mother of three and a fierce advocate for equity, justice, and working people, Shawn Lassiter believes it's time for TX-6 to have a representative in Washington dedicated to uplifting these voices - our community's voices.